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Vision & Mission


Our vision is to make a transformative impact on Study Abroad Service Sector through continual innovation in student services by connecting institutions, recruiters, and students across the globe.


• To simplify the Overseas Education Admissions Process & provide, World’s Best Education Solutions.
• To render scrupulous services and build robust business relationships
• To strive to be the world’s most reliable service brand.

Core Values Integrity, Honesty, Commitment, Transparency, Excellence and Value Addition.
For Students
  • To render proficient services by making the process simpler and more streamlined
  • To expedite the students’ quest of exploring study destinations, universities, and courses of their choice by providing the best tech search platforms
  • To be a one stop solution from Counseling to Standardized Test Coaching, Application to Admission, Overseas Education Loan Assistance to Visa Processing and all other associated allied services


To Expand the Academic Horizons

SCC believes in redefining Overseas Education Services for study abroad aspirants from South Asia. We collaborate with top universities across the globe and likeminded student recruiters. We mutually strive to fulfill the academic ambitions of the aspirants while assisting them in making the right career decisions.

For Universities

  • To partner with the most prestigious Universities/ Institutions in the world and expand the study abroad options for students who seek exceptional higher education prospects globally
  • To recruit a vast number of qualified and focused students to our Partner Institutions
  • To help our Partner Institutions in reaching out to the unexplored zones for higher student recruitment and improving the university connect with the students by organizing University Outreach Programs

Simar Career Consultants Advantage

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