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Admission guidelines & University Selections

  • Once you have chosen the career pathway and selected the courses you wish to study. Next step is to select university? Overseas education has multiple offerings for different budget range based on the affordability of the individual. Which means you must make an informed choice based on your goals, interest & budget. Education Counsellors will shortlist several appropriate universities/courses for you after analysing your profile. You can then discuss the shortlisted universities/courses with your family and friends before finalizing.

  • We at SSC believe that education is an essential aspect of the formation of a bright career for every student. Hence, we allow the student to get exposure at the global level, which is considered to be crucial in this globalization. One cannot just expect to get a degree from any college or university and get a good job. The recruiters want to have highly qualified employees, who are also acquainted with the global world. To make it to the top in the professional world, a student needs something more to attain success in a short time period.

  • The reason why we promote foreign education is that in the local colleges, a student hardly gets the chance to interact on a global level and understand the global changes. The education system and the opportunities are very limited if compared to the foreign universities and colleges. Overseas colleges and universities provide the students with not just theoretical but practical knowledge as well which is considered to be essential in the today’s world to make it to the top.


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