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Choosing a university abroad that has a competitive resources allocated for science subjects ensures that you will benefit from the best teaching methods, the latest research and the best possible start to a career in physical sciences.

Science covers a broad range of subjects. Just a few examples include:

  • studies in biomedical engineering, combining design skills with biological science to create new life-changing medical equipment and drugs
  • Marine science, performing research into coastal management and marine conservation.
  • Biotechnology, one of the fastest growing industries in the world. You will use cutting-edge research to apply genetic behavior to the world’s problems – curing diseases, solving world hunger and even helping the environment

Find more about world and how it works.

  • For an amazing career solving problems and making big discoveries, a science qualification might set you up. It’s a big area and you might find yourself studying in labs, doing field work, or collaborating with researchers, depending on what you want to study.
  • A degree in science makes you a logical thinker, someone who can analyze and find a solution to a problem. You will learn the practical skills you need to secure a great graduation career, with real-world work experience, internships, and programs for the professional year.


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