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Pre-departure & arrival assistance

Pre-Departure counselling captures a multitude of subjects to be mindful of for a student, to smoothen the adaptation and adjustment period for life at an overseas university. It is an informative and highly interactive event where our experienced personnel collaborate to share thoughts and inputs that are rather qualitative in nature and based on real experiences extracted from our Directors business and personal exposure overseas. One of the core objectives of the pre-departure counselling is to provide critical information to process and note carefully in order to deter any untoward issues, especially in the social sense, from occurring and to be aware of what to expect. Students are also able to network with one another, especially with those going to the same university, city, or country.

Any student is very likely to get baffled upon reaching the foreign shores. Naturally so, keeping in mind that you have entered a country you know nothing about. We arrange a pick-up for you from the airport to the university so that you reach there safe and sound. But hey, please make sure to inform us of this at least a few days in advance. This is because arranging a pick-up for you gets really.


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