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Our Team

Jagtar Singh

Managing Director


A well-known entrepreneur having global experience of working with multinational companies like ITC, BOI, NESTLE in the field of marketing and advertisement. Through Simar Career Consultants Pvt.Ltd offering his 45 years of experience of working and guiding in the field of business and careers in India and across various countries abroad. His main object as director is to create a platform through SCC to make an affordable platform to guide students in education and career counselling by assisting through his experience and courses and services at SCC.

“Opportunities comes to those who gets the best and in time advices”

Rahul Sisodia

International Marketing Manager / Counselor


Mr. Rahul Sisodia, has perceived his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and Design and MBA from Europe. He has travelled and grabbed the opportunity for Erasmus studies to many European countries and has acquired knowledge to guide students in their further studies. He has an experience in career counselling and thus helping students to choose the right path of study in foreign countries. For him personally, studying abroad in different countries of Europe allowed him to glimpse the kind of future he might want to lead. He believes, it is so important, today, to have a solid understanding of different cultures, and he thinks allowing students to study abroad is an easy way to set up our generation to be a more global-minded society.” I am glad to be a part of this unique venture.

Praveen Malik

Counselor / Operational Manager


Mr. Praveen Malik has done Master’s in Vehicle Engineering from Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania (Europe). During his studies, he went for the Erasmus program to Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany. He proudly owns a Mechanical Design firm in India and during his journey in business, he felt there is a gap between the education system and industrial ready graduates. Through SCC he wants to help the young brains of India to gain an education degree that is up to the current standards of industrial requirements. And through his vision he wants our new generation to be more adaptable to the current job scenario rather than just obtaining a degree.

Pradeep Sharma

Operational Director


He is a versatile technology leader with 30 years’ experience in National and International News Media. A master’s in journalism, He is a freelance writer in the area of culture and arts, travel, education and new age careers. His mentoring philosophy is based on hands-on experiences and action learning.

Arnav Arora

CTO/ Social Media Manager


An optimistic youngster coming from ASMS with graduation in Bachelors in journalism and mass communication soon to be MBA in digital marketing. With a versatile carrier from a cinematographer to digital media marketer Arnav began his career as a director of a documentary for UNICEF. Being fond of capturing moments he is in direction industry from last 7 years his work ranging from corporate shoots, promotional events, sports events to food videography and adding many more to the list. Apart from this, he is been into digital marketing from last three years. Varying from f&b to promotional events for dance studios to sports events he has been handling the advertisement and marketing on the digital platform for elite membership only clubs like “atamaison” and cafes and restaurants like Barris and cafe Tonino.He is looking forward to seek every opportunity that’s leads to growth and prosperity in life. Keeps an adaptive approach for every challenged face and gives his best to bring best out of it.

Namrata Malik

Chief Legal Officer



Marketing Executive

Czech Republic & Finland


He has completed his MBA from Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic. Simar Career Consultants takes pride in bringing out the best from students. As career consultants, right from finding the best university around the world to providing fundamental knowledge about the regional language SSC does its role flawlessly. Being global is a new normal and so is the goal of Simar Career Consultants wherein they practice bringing out the exposure that the global community creates within you and will highlight the best out of best in you. Mr. Siva says, “As an MBA graduate from Central Europe the way I see the world as an international learner constructs me new opportunities and vital career growth.”

Giving further light on his time in Europe he continues “During the exchange program of 6months in Finland, I got to live in various cultures that are created by students gathered across the globe. By this way, I received a chance to interact with other international students which helps me to think extensively in later years.”

Sarang Chahakar

Marketing Executive



Mr. Sarang Chahakar is a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and Design graduate from Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. With regards to an exposure to Erasmus Internship he was able to grab an opportunity to work as an Engineering Consultant for France based multinational company named Alten GmbH in Germany who also gave him the much-neededmaster’s program in Mechatronics and Precision Engineering in the prestigious institution of Munich University of Applied Sciences to continue his further education along with his job.

He says that he was able to enhance his character due to an international exposure through Non-profitable organizations based in Europe and perceive the world in a better way. The experience in such global organizations will be an eminent factor for him in career counselling of our future clients. With Simar Career Consultants he along with the team sees the vastly available opportunities and is ready to guide the students to a similar path and expects to deliver an equally same yet better opportunities to our budding students who want to thrive globally.

Harjeet Singh

Senior Counselor/ Marketing Executive



Marketing Executive


I am glad to connect with Simar  Career Consultants,  I am a Marketing & Business Development professional with about 8 years of experience. Started my career with Marketing and Sales of residential properties in Bangalore India.  Working with a small team I was responsible for developing Sales Partnership with various property developers and developing online and offline marketing strategy. The core of the job responsibility was to generate leads through various online and offline channels and guide customers through the entire sales cycle.

I am a passionate startup enthusiast with a vision to collaborating great startups to work together with a goal to solve meaningful problems by innovation, from over 3 year, I have been actively involved in the tech and non-tech startup ecosystem, and on a daily basis, I follow the trends and innovations in various domains like e-commerce, SaaS, Co-Working, Travel Space, Edutech etc.