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Health classes, including medical and biomedical sciences, pharmacy, allied health, nursing, health, and fitness, are offered in different specializations. A medical and health sciences course allows students to learn and comply with the Hippocratic Oath for ethical conduct, which states that a person must sincerely practice the arts and science of medicine as a medical practitioner in all respects, i.e. Patient care, teaching and research.

Students with a medical and health science degree can get career opportunities from hospitals and private healthcare clinics. With research centers, labs, and the pharmaceutical industry, a medical and health science graduate will operate.

One has to have a degree in medical specialization to pursue a career in medicine and health science. MBBS, BDS, B.Pharm, BSc in Nursing, Public Health, Bachelor of Optometry, and other specializations are the courses offered under Medical and Health Science

Medicine is challenging, but there are rich rewards,


  • You will acquire all the expertise, experience and practical preparation you need to excel in your profession with a degree in medicine. Medical degrees are long and complicated, but you’ll enjoy rewarding work once done and can possibly expect solid financial rewards.
  • To excel in medicine, you will need a deep interest in science and well-developed human skills. You might find yourself employed in a number of environments after you graduate, from front-line health services through to complementary services or research.


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