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Europe is a diverse continent with various cultures and countries like Germany, France, Spain, Italy and so on. The European economy comes under one umbrella called EU (European Union). These 28 EU countries together form one of the major economies of the world. The working culture, salary structure, studies and living standard in these EU countries are one of the best in class. Europe indeed is a beautiful continent with good quality of life, that’s why thousands of people want to migrate to these countries with a hope of good future and good life.

Let me put a fact forward that that the government in Europe has already started facing problems with immigration and unemployment so rules are getting stricter and the chances of having job in Europe is becoming tougher now. Earlier days are gone when people could enter Poland, Portugal, Spain or any other EU countries with visa and get settled in other EU country. Now only a few lucky people get a visa with work permit, it’s just like a lottery.

Although there are still many job opportunities in Europe but these are available only to those who have proper documents and correct language skills in combination with other skills. Proper documents and permits highly depend on your entry path in Europe. You can come to Europe with a variety of visas that are genuine but as I said you need to put your efforts through, such as learn local languages to understand people, invest your time to understand local job market requirements, study here or get work permit with correct skills etc.

However, much of the information is available on the internet but very less people are aware of these facts and land up in a very awkward situation where they just struggle to survive or to recover their investment for coming to Europe. Doing pathetic jobs and hoping that they will be settled someday, talk to them and try to understand their pain. Many of them regretting their wrong decision but no way back now. The reason behind is that they got wrong advice by few consultants in home country, where they were told about thousands of job opportunities available easily in Europe. Either most local consultants don’t have proper knowledge of present scenarios in Europe or sometimes these consultants intentionally manipulate young people’s mind, making false promises to a number of people in order to earn money. Here I am not de-motivating you but restraining you from wrong paths.

According to my personal experience, you should once visit that country before final migration or if this option is not possible for you then atleast cross check your facts with multiple sources and get advice from the professionals who are already there in that country. The motivation behind any advice matters a lot. I believe in sharing my knowledge so that you should be knowledgeable enough to take better decisions for your career and avoid unnecessary struggles. All the best for your career plans and I wish you success in life.

Harjeet Singh

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