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Creative Arts, Design & Communication

Courses in creative arts allow you to explore your creative talents and engage with the world around you.

  • Art and design is closely connected to culture and studying abroad for a degree in creative arts and design will give you a completely different approach to your subject matter. While most courses can provide you with a background in all types of art and design, which helps to cover cultural divisions, you will have unprecedented access to materials such as paintings, writing and sculpture through studying in the country you are particularly interested in.
  • If you want to express your thoughts and creativity, such as fine art, music, photography and writing, you can choose from a broad range of art courses.
  • If you have aspirations to create practical art and become a designer, design courses such as fashion design, graphic design, fashion and textiles, and even product design are available.

Follow your obsession with art and design

  • It’s all possible, whether you want to develop a career as a cutting-edge graphic designer or dream of becoming a painter or want to become a musician or tell the stories of the world as a writer.
  • The historical background of your profession, and the theoretical information that underpins your craft, will be taught. In state of the art classrooms and workshops, you will also find yourself learning practical skills from the masters.


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